Progressive Faith Foundation is based in Brisbane, Australia.

We are an online institute that seeks to equip Christians from around the world on matters faith.

Our work takes us into various communities, Churches taking the door to door approach.

However, more recently, we realize the power of the internet in reaching more people with the word of God.

Hence, we have (and are) developing an online resource of faith matters, where we can exhort, encourage, and build ourselves up in faith to stand strong at a time when the “love of many is waxing cold.”

Our greatest desire is that the christian will be on fire for Jesus Christ every day. And that it takes an active approach where we diligently apply ourselves to study and exposition of the Word Of God.

We believe the greatest witness of our Christianity is our faith – how we live, walk and act out our life in the world.

With this in mind, we do our best to develop print material that explores the topic of faith.

In addition, we explore other facets of Christian living, like prayer, fasting, devotions, bible study in the expectation that many will come to know their true potential in Christ Jesus and that others will see us by our faith and come to a knowledge of Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.