A Study In Faith… In My Life

Faith Is Real

I believe in faith.

Faith is the promise of the intangible in tangible form.


Faith is Tangible

It’s the oil that connects the invisible kingdom of heaven to the visible kingdom of earth.

Anyone who ever wanted anything from God needs to use the vehicle of faith to draw into the physical realm the object of his desires.

Faith is Belief in… Something

According to Wikipedia, “Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing; or the observance of an obligation from loyalty; or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement. The word “faith” may also refer to a particular system of religious belief, in which faith may equate to confidence based on some perceived degree of warrant.”


Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

We apply it practically every second in our natural lives, yet it is in the matter of Christian faith that it seems we fail to appropriate it fully in prayer.

Why is this so?

After all, when we go to bed in the evening, we are so confident we will wake up in the morning.

When you sip a glass of water in a restaurant, you’re absolutely sure it hasn’t been poisoned.

When you board a plane, it’s your faith in the pilot that prevents you from screaming your head off once it rockets into the air.

But try applying the same principle to a prayer request to God.

Are you absolutely sure that it will come to pass?

Or do you immediately start thinking of Plan B, Plan C and Plan D?

For most of us, it is the latter.

You get a glimpse of this when after a couple of days, we ask our best friend whether we prayed right or wrong. All because we can’t see any evidence to establish that your prayer was answered.

Faith is when everyone around you sees black, but you see white. David Makuyu.



Faith Is Progressive

For faith to be faith, it must be belief in action.

It must move. It must do something. It must act. It must move forward.

Jesus always showed his faith in God The Father by applying his faith to action.

Every miracle that Jesus performed would have been impossible without faith.

Faith is being sure that the deaf person’s ears will be miraculously opened and he will receive his hearing.

In modern day, it’s great that we have Christian entrepreneurs who regularly apply faith in the area of entrepreneurship.

After all, what is entrepreneurship really?

It’s a belief that a product or a service you are establishing is in much demand from your target audience. You invest time, effort, intelligence and money to develop something and then launch it in the marketplace.

You must have faith to be in business.

You can’t see what tomorrow brings. But you can hope for the best. Based on that hope, you plan ahead, you envision success and you launch your business.

Faith propels action, and action propels momentum. And momentum is the energy of faith.

Once you establish enough momentum, that action takes a life of its own and brings into manifestation the thing you desire.

Faith is progressive.

Faith Needs Words To Properly Be Activated

Have you ever noticed that Jesus always spoke miracles into being?

He used the principle we have just described a couple of sentences ago. He propelled his faith into action by speaking it into the situation where He wanted to see a chance.

By speaking, he leveraged momentum that fueled the energy to cause the change using his words.

Whether he:

  • Put mud on blind eyes to make them see
  • Cast out the legion of demons from the man about the graveyard
  • Broke the two fish and five loaves of bread
  • Told Peter to cast a hook into the sea, bring up the first fish that would have a coin (drachma) in its mouth
  • Filled up the barrels with water to transform into wine
  • Raised up Zaccheus from he dead

All these are examples of miracles triggered into manifestation first by words, then an action, then momentum and finally the tangible final intended result.


Faith Is Hope Stirred Into Action

For faith to be real, it can only apply if there is a higher power behind that force that makes your wish come true. And that brings in the element of hope.

For faith to work, hope must be activated.

Hope is bright. It’s positive. It’s the confident expectation of a good thing on the horizon.

While faith is in the now, hope is in the near future.

Trigger the expectation of something good in the future to rest assuredly in the knowledge that it is now a reality.


Faith Moves Forward To A New Reality

I saw this in action last year in quite a profound manner.

My mother, now 87, has always been a Christian.

She’s always attended Church on Sundays (to the best of my recollection). She’s always been a happy lady, forgiving anyone who did her wrong. Mama was always singing along in the kitchen as she prepared Shepherd’s Pie for Sunday dinner.

I am not bragging, or lying, when I saw she was kind, generous and without a stubborn bone in her body. In fact, it was her practical application of Christianity that caused me to finally end my run from God and accept Jesus.

My father, on the other hand, was quite the opposite.

He was the normal typical version of a factory worker, serious, tough, never one to show emotion and always one to seek revenge when wronged.

I grew up in a house where he would explode in rage if something didn’t go his way. I remember coming home from school and drawing all over his newspaper. If he came home and it was one of those tough days where nothing had worked, he’d look at his newspaper, look at me, remove his belt and give me a whipping of a lifetime.

Yes, all because I scribbled on his newspaper.

Don’t ask me what happened when I broke his favorite mug.


Mum got cancer.

Actually she had it for many years, but she and Papa kept it from me for many years. It was only when I moved out to Melbourne and that only after 10 years I could sense in our weekly phone calls that something was amiss.

The rasping cough, the gasping breath, the sudden loss of weight… I knew Mama was fighting something.

When she finally confided in me, I was livid. Not with her. With God.

The doctors, he told me, had given her another 3 months to live. She wanted to put her house in order before that time came.

I asked God how it is possible that someone so sweet would be dying with cancer. I don’t know if this is evil, but I thought that my papa should have been the better candidate for cancer thanks to his rage tantrums and unforgiving spirit.

But no, it was my Mama.

So, I settled for the worst.

I arranged her finances, I spoke with the Insurance blokes. I wanted no surprises. I spoke with my lawyer. And I came home to live with Mama.

Every evening, I would bring her her favorite bone marrow soup (I hear that is the BEST soup for anyone with any form of cancer by the way). She lay in the blankets, shivering in the hot evening, her frail form a shadow of what she used to be, lines etching her face, but the smile never departing.

She would whisper to me how good God is, and how she was so happy I was now serving him at Progressive Faith Ministries.

She would squeeze my hand, stare at me and tell me never to forsake Him. In my heart, I asked God why He had forsaken her.

We would chat as much as we could, until her voice simply failed to keep up and she would drift off into slumberland.

On more than one occasion, I would retreat to my room and explode into angry prayer to the man upstairs, asking Him why He would allow such a thing. I pleaded with Him not to take her away from me. I proclaimed, I shouted and declared healing in the name of Jesus.

But every evening, she would tell me, ‘God will remove every trace of cancer from my body. I know it.’

I stared at her. All I saw was a fail, shaky trembling, thin person, so emancipated by suffering that I was literally scared to escort her down the stairs.

The ravages of cancer had done their worst to my mother.

But still, she smiled, sang and told me, “‘God will remove every trace of cancer from my body. I feel it!’

Doctor Garfundel came and gave me a sobering prognosis.

Fourteen days at the most.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I rushed out of the house, stumbling down the stairs as I clutched on to the wooden rails. Yes, me, a grown 54-year old man, rushed out of the house, straight into the field and burst into tears.

I must have been there for three hours, because it was well dark when I finally came back to the house.

Garfundel was long gone. I couldn’t enter Mama’s room. I went straight to bed.

The next day, I got into my car and drove straight off, leaving the maid with strict instructions to keep me updated on mama’s every move.

Four days later, I received a phone call from home.

I thought I recognized the voice, but it sounded so different.

It was Maria, the maid, and the tone of her voice told me the worst.

I sped home, tears welling up in my eyes as I braced myself for the inevitable.


Faith Is Sometimes Unspeakable

As I walked up the stairs, my mind raced with all the possible preparations needed for the funeral. From the funeral program, to the choice of Pastor for the service, even the color of the flowers.

I thought about it all. And also the uncomfortable task of phoning my sister in Atlanta whom I hadn’t spoken to for 14 years and telling her that Mama was gone.


Maria met me downstairs,and her eyes were unusual  a sort of disbelief mixed with wonder mixed with confusion…It was the weirdest look I have ever seen on anyone.

She pointed me upstairs. I walked up the stairs, every step taking longer than the previous.

I knocked on her door, half expecting to see her body propped up on the bed, with flowers by her side, her eyes closed and that beautiful smile on her face the last evidence of her time here on earth.

I found a smiling lady propped up on the bed, taking her soup, humming under her breath.

As I entered the room, she looked up, her eyes sparkling and she called out my name.

It was the way she called out my name that stopped me in my tracks.

It was a powerful cheery voice.

The old Mum I used to know.

She lifted herself up on the bed and told me “Kennedy, all the cancer has gone. We can bake some cakes!”

I froze.

She lifted herself up again, tossed back the blankets, and spread out her hands as she invited me closer.

I inched closer and I looked hard at her.

You couldn’t deny that she was in bright spirits, and with (almost) all her strength with her.

She hugged me tightly and said,

“Never give up. That’s what faith is all about!”

Five days later, the doctor came into the kitchen downstairs with a very perplexed look about him.

By this point, I knew  what he was going to say.

“How did someone who was five days away from dying, with a failed liver and one failed kidney suddenly recover. And how come there is no trace of cancer?”

By this time, my mother had prepared me to tell him an unusual story.

“She kept on confessing her healing. She kept thanking God for divine and absolute healing – a new liver and new body parts straight from the factory of heaven. She was healed by the power of faith, and belief that God, being in every nature God, had the power and the intention through faith to recreate her liver, and remove every stark-raving slimy trace of cancer from every cell in her body.”

He stared at me.

He then fiddled with his bag, got up silently from the kitchen table and walked off.

I haven’t heard from him since.


The Faith Take Out

Is it possible that there are modern day miracles right around us?

Is it possible that faith in the bleakest of circumstances can totally transform a situation until it no longer resembles its depressing predecessor?

Is it possible that faith works?

Sometimes, I shudder to respond until I look at my 87 year old Mum, humming around in the kitchen, singing her praises to God and in that moment, I can say, faith is the most real thing there is in this world.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

Faith is real.

Faith is tangible.

Faith is progressive.

Faith is triggered by your words and moved into action to realize a physical manifestation.

Faith works.

I’ll leave you with this thought (borrowed).

Faith is trusting God and what He has promised even when we cannot see and may not experience the fulfillment of those promises according to our personal calendar.”


Christian Organizations and Programs: How They Can Help the Needy

Christian Organizations and Programs: How They Can Help the Needy

Are you interested in volunteering your time or donating your money to a Christian organization?

If you are, you may be looking for more information. Many first time volunteers and donors wonder exactly how Christian organizations and programs help those in need. For more information, you will want to continue reading on.

Factors To Consider

When it comes to determining how Christian organizations and programs offer support to those in need of it, it is important to remember that you will find some variances. In all honesty, it will depend on the organization in question.

All aim to help and assist others, but they may do so in different ways.

A few of the many Christian organizations and programs that you may find asking for help are outlined below for you. You may take notice that some are more unique than others.


A Weight Loss Program?

One type of Christian program that is increasing in popularity are those of Christian weight loss programs. Christian weight loss programs are designed to help individuals lose weight.

These weight loss programs are often run online, locally, or with a combination of them both.


Healthy Cooking

In addition to traditional weight loss plans, which may include healthy recipes and exercises, many Christian weight loss programs also use the teachings of Christianity.

Debt Relief

Another one of the many types of Christian programs that are increasing in popularity are those of debt relief programs.

As more Americans find themselves in debt, more are seeking professional assistance. That is what has lead to the increase in popularity.

As with weight loss programs, many Christian debt relief programs combine the teachings of Christianity with traditional debt relief methods.

Marital Counseling

Another common and popular Christian program or organization that you may find, when looking to offer financial support or volunteer support, are those of marriage counseling programs.

In today’s society, the divorce rate is at a high level.

As with most religions, it is believed that all couples should try and work through their problems, before opting for divorce.

Christian organizations and programs that focus on healthy marriages and relationships in general can typically be found both locally and online.


Youth Programs

One of the most popular types of Christian organizations and programs found for the younger crowd are those of Christian youth programs. Christian youth programs are rapidly increasing in popularity.

One of the many reasons for that is the reduction in school funding. This funding reduction causes many schools to reduce or completely eliminate their after school programs.

Most Christian youth programs are operated locally and in establishments that can allow for fun and exciting activities, such as tutoring, sports, crafts, and so forth.


Support And Guidance

No matter what type of organization you find, their goal is to offer assistance to those in need. One of the most common ways that is accomplished is through support.

This support may include advice, guidance, and a few other services. Sometimes, people just need a shoulder to cry on a stranger to talk to.

On the other hand, you will also find that many Christian organizations and programs ask for donations. These donations may be for food, money, clothing, and so forth.

Often times, these items will be donated directly to the individuals who can benefit from them. With that in mind, some organizations will sell or auction off their donations and send the monetary funds to the needed individuals or families.


Regardless of how it is done, it is important to remember that all Christian organizations and programs are designed to help those in need.

Whether those individuals can be considered “needy,” or if they are simply going through a rough patch in their lives, your assistance, no matter what the format, may be a welcome relief.

For that reason, you may want to do your part and either signup as a volunteer or offer a donation to the Christian organization or program of your choice.


Christian Organizations Help Youth

Christian Organizations Help The Youth

In today’s society, it seems as if many of our youth are having difficulties at home and at school.

There are a number of different factors for these problems, but many devoted Christians believe it is due to a lack of support and faith.

If you are one of those individuals, you may want to consider donating your time or at least your money to help youths in need.


Christian Organizations To The Rescue

When it comes to helping youths in need, you may want to examine Christian youth organizations.

Christian youth organizations are ones that focus on helping youths and youths alone.

These types of organizations and programs are nice, as many place most of their focus on adults. It is important to remember that if Australia’s youth, especially those in need, aren’t reached at an early age, you may simply end up helping them out later on in life.

As you likely already know, Christian youth programs come in a number of different formats. For instance, there are a number of youth programs that operate on the local level, as well as those that operate nationally and online.

While there are a number of benefits to using the internet to reach out to youths in need, as you are often able to reach more individuals, you should also know that there are a number of benefits to first focusing on your local community.

These benefits may include a reduction in violence or an increase in graduation rates or an increase in the number of students who attend college.


Thinking Of A Christian Youth Program?

When looking to donate your time, your money, or other goods to a local Christian youth program, you may first want to examine all of your options.

For starters, you may want to speak with your local churches, as many run youth related programs. These programs may be summer programs or even weekly programs.

Many churches need volunteers to serve as mentors or chaperones for trips. You may also see a need for donated supplies, such as school supplies, craft supplies, or sports equipment.

Even if your local churches do not run or operate their own Christian youth programs, they may be able to help point you in the direction of other programs and organizations that do need your assistance.

This is most commonly seen with youth establishments, also commonly referred to as youth centers. In towns and cities all across America, youth centers are increasing in popularity, as they are in great need.

If you have a nearby youth center, even if that center does not have a direct Christian link, you may want to offer your services. In addition to volunteering much needed money or supplies, you can offer to teach Christianity classes.


In Closing

When examining a number of different local Christian youth programs and organizations, it is important to choose the one or ones that can benefit the children the most.

This is important, as you will want to make sure that your donations are put to good use.

On the other hand, if you are looking to volunteer, you may want to offer your services to programs or organizations that may be struggling.

Many times, a fresh set of eyes and new ideas are needed. Without the proper amount of help, many Christian youth programs would have to shut down.

This is an event that could be dangerous and possibly even deadly for many of today’s youths.